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[ ficathon ] the girl on fire

Tags: book: hunger games trilogy, ficathon!
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The mentors || empty chairs at empty tables


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Cato/Clove, no one loves here, no one loves anywhere
Katniss, i don't recall fight or flight setting in, i have no introduction, i just breathe it in like the air
born for this; katniss; pg

She thinks that maybe she was born to be a fighter.

From the minute the Games begin she's in action mode, ready to fight, to kill if she has to (and she prays that she won't have to but she will, she will, because she has to go home to Prim, to Gale), and she doesn't get scared.

That's not until later; but it's okay, later, because now she is a fighter, she is a warrior.

She is the girl on fire in every sense of the word. She grabs the bag and runs as quickly as she knows how, not looking back, and she only prays that there's no one following her.

She runs as far as she can and then she climbs up a tree, ties herself in, rests until she can move again.

She doesn't panic.

She hears them below her and she thinks that she could kill them, all of them, if she had to.

Perhaps she's more cold-blooded than she thought.

The thought doesn't terrify her as much as it should.

She closes her eyes.


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Katniss/Finnick, the cure for anything is salt water [ via this gorgeous post ]

Deleted comment

Joanna, life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
Gen, The first Hunger Games
oh my god do want


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March 26 2012, 13:17:08 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  March 26 2012, 13:22:28 UTC

Gen AU - Coin isn't assassinated, District 13 holds its own Hunger Games using Capitol children including Snow's granddaughter.
I seriously just started a fic like this this morning, no lie. Only it isn't entirely gen :-/

I can post a link when I finish, if you don't mind a bit of Katniss/Gale and Katniss/Peeta?


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Gale/Madge, the firestorm
Gale/Madge. Amongst the Smoke. Mockingjay Spoilers

It seemed that District Twelve had a thing for creating Girls on Fire.

When the bombs threatened to hit his home, Gale made sure to get everyone he could out of the place. His family and the Everdeens first, out, past the fence and running into the woods. The fence had been on for a while since the games were on, but the moment that Katniss exploded the arena, the power simply just went out. Silence filled the entire place, until the sounds of the birds came around again and twittered through the town.

But then the birds stopped too. By the time the warning call of the birds came, his family was already in the forest running and he was running through the district. Door by door, knocking, yelling, carrying. They'd be there too soon, he wouldn't be able to get everyone. He'd get who was important though.

That was a selfish thought, probably. But there was no time to reflect on that. Gale could either go save himself or save people that were important to him. He'd take the selfish path that he could live with, and knocked on another's door.

The whir of a hovercraft passed his ears, and the taste of strawberries hit his mouth when the first bomb exploded behind him.

He could only see the smoke, he could only hear the starting of screams and cries, blanketed after the horrid shaking sound of the explosion, but all he could taste, amongst it all, was strawberries.

"Damn you," He cursed aloud, cursed himself, cursed no one because no one was listening. The first bomb landed, he should leave, he should run. He should make his way into the forest, the forest that had always been his salvation (would this time, this most important time be the last time he'd see it?). But his feet pounded hard on the ground.

He ran past the bakery without a second glance. Later on he'd think if he regretted it, and he'd never say aloud that he didn't.

She was at the front door when her house was visible to him. She wasn't turned out to him though, but her head back in the house. Gale heard her voice shrill, but couldn't understand the words. She was shouting for her mother, and her father. Her mother needed to get up, wake up, finally and now. Her father needed to help her, and they all needed to leave. She could make it to the forest, could have minutes ago, been miles away before the bomb came. But she couldn't leave them, not her parents.

Gale brought her name to the tip of his tongue and let it out in an airy breath. Madge turned, surprised, as a bird's shrill call fluttered past.

Then Madge was wrapped in flames, eyes light and ripe and young, she was young. He hated that he called her name, because he had to live with the knowledge that he was the last thing she saw before she died. Him and flames, and he wondered how it hurt to be consumed by the inferno. Her screams were frantic, there were flames all behind her, and Gale ran to the forest. He couldn't save her, he was too late. Soot and ash and smoke filled his lungs, and his chest burned like fire, but it wasn't, he wasn't aflame. He was alive and he never felt more sick at the thought than he did at that moment.


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Prim/Gale, When all those shadows almost killed your light/I remember you said, don't leave me here alone/but all that's dead and gone and passed tonight
gale/foxface once you had the best boy you can't do better
Something in my soul wants this so much.
rory/primrose you're not a good shot but i'm worse
it's a long time, oh such a long time
and i hope for your sake i've changed
and i hope for my sake you managed to remain the same
a sound that was something like crying. gale/katniss. pg

Katniss kisses Peeta and there it is –

Gale thinks, Katniss Katniss Katniss stop doing that I love you it should be me why didn’t I why couldn’t I

Gale thinks, Catnip.

Gale thinks a lot of things, but his heart hurts too much to say them out loud.

Madge Undersee kisses him in her doorframe, strawberries pressed beneath them, and her blouse comes back red. The sun beats down on them and throws her features into shadow. Gale squints.

“Oops,” she mutters, rubbing at the stain.

Gale’s fingers wrap around her wrist and he pulls her closer, fingers gentle on her jaw and she tastes sweet. Her hair falls in her face and he doesn’t push it away. Madge’s hair is just as blonde as Peeta’s and Gale thinks, briefly, watch this, Catnip before pushing the thought away, ashamed.

“How much do I owe you?” she says, inches away from his face, the pads of her fingers soaked red and fresh.

Gale sighs, the corners of his mouth dropped into a frown, and he says, “Nothing. You ruined most of them anyways.”

In the woods, Gale trips over too many branches because he hears Gale around every corner and imagines the flash of her braid around every curve of a tree.

Hazelle watches him closely out of the corner of her eyes and Gale can feel it.

“Mom,” he whines, his fingers calloused from stringing bows by himself.

“What?” she asks innocently, her eyes wide. There’s some kind of soup on the stove and she stirs it slowly, the smell drifting into every corner of the small kitchen.

Gale scuffs his shoe on the floor and mutters, “Stop doing that.”

He sounds like Rory and he winces.

Hazelle says, “I’ve seen the way she looks at you, Gale,” her voice soft and gentle and Gale feels like he’s going to throw up.

“You don’t know anything, Mom,” he manages, pulse racing, before storming out of the house.

Gale comes home from school one day to find Prim on his doorstep, her little blonde head fitted neatly to the curve of Rory’s shoulder.

She’s crying.

Rory looks up at him, his hand smoothing circles onto Prim’s fragile back, and mouths what do I do? frantically, his eyes wide and nervous.

Gale almost laughs at the panicked look on his little brother’s face. He raises his eyebrows and Rory shoots him a look that says, not now, Gale.

Prim hiccups, once, then twice, and Gale sits down next to them both.

He says, “C’mon, Prim. You know Katniss is gonna be okay.”

Rory’s hand is still on Prim’s back and she twists her head up to look at Gale, tears streaking her face. Her eyes look bluer than ever and Gale searches for Katniss in her face. He doesn't find as much as he wanted to. There's something in the set of their mouths that is alarmingly similar, but it's not nearly enough. He lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

“Even if she is,” Prim wails, taking staccato, uneven breaths, “she’ll be different.”

Gale’s mouth drops open but no words come out. Something twists painfully in his stomach and he thinks that flashes along his face because Rory takes Prim hand and quietly takes her inside.

She’ll be different, Prim said.

Gale never allowed himself to imagine Katniss back at home, with her braid and her flat boots and her smile after shooting a deer, not really.

Or maybe that’s a lie. Maybe he’s imagined it too many times and every single time she is still the Katniss he knows, the Katniss he loves. She’s still Catnip and she still smiles at him in the woods.

She’ll be different, Prim said and suddenly his throat closes up.

Katniss says, “Gale, you don’t understand.”

The woods are loud, birds fluttering about, rabbits bouncing everywhere.

Gale feels sick.

He says, “I guess not.”


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finnick, johanna, haymitch (victors) drinking every night, because we drink to my accomplishments
glimmer/seneca crane

heaven is a place on earth with you
tell me all the things you want to do
they say that you like the bad girls honey, is that true?
katniss/gale. they kiss sometimes. not often, but sometimes – for practice. (pre-series)
peeta/cato. there's a niche in his chest where a heart would fit perfectly.
Gale and Katniss and Peeta's daughter, 'your mother and I, we were friends once'
Gale/Joanna and in that moment, we were infinite


March 26 2012, 15:26:43 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  March 26 2012, 15:26:54 UTC

Finnick/Katniss, I know it's mad, but if the world were ending would you kiss me or just leave me?
gale/johanna, but it's a thin, thin line between a good and a bad idea, so should i bite my tongue before i tell you how i really feel
gale/katniss, one day more till revolution


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Deleted comment


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Deleted comment

Hunger Games, Madge Undersee: If i just sit here and weep, i'll be blown over by the slightest of breeze
Gale/Katniss, In another life I would make you stay / so I won't have to say that you're the one that got away


March 26 2012, 20:25:01 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  March 26 2012, 20:28:27 UTC

He’s angry when he looks at her now. Angry, and he can’t stop it, it seems to roll over him in waves until he’s clenching his hands into fists and something’s burning behind his eyes. The girl on fire, he thinks, he remembers, and he would smile if he still knew how.

His dreams are colored with her now, too, colored with her hair and her smile and the way her eyes would narrow in the woods, the green reflecting on the grey. Colored by the life they could have had, the life they should have had, and suddenly he’s angry again, and his veins are flooded with something hot and scorching, and he feels like he could burn up here and now.

He hates them, he tells himself, hates the Capitol and the government, but he looks around at the plans, at the world he’s creating (helping to create, but he can never think of it that way, can never stomach thinking of himself as he is--an assistant, someone on the bottom rung, someone who’s barely there in this revolution) and he’s not so sure.

But she’s still mourning Mellark, still in some sort of trance, and he wants to shake her out of it, wants to kiss her until he’s breathless and can’t see straight (he never asks himself if she wants this too, if she’s okay, if she thinks of him at all). He looks at her, and he wants her, wants her and the revolution both, looks at her and sees this face of the revolution, all fire and passion and his.

But she’s not his, she’s nobody’s thing to own, and he never gets that. I could’ve made her mine, he thinks when he looks at her, when Mellark’s face is blasting from the screen, all skin and bones and he can see her breaking, can see her fracturing. She never looked at me like that, he thinks, and he’s remembering her Games, remembering the way she stared at him in the cave like she was almost afraid she was going to lose him. And then, if only, the thought starts but it leads to the revolution, always leads to the revolution, and he knows he wouldn’t want to go back for anything.

He thinks back to their kiss (his kiss, really, never her kiss; his kiss that he stole from her, tricked out of her), the way she clutched him, and he wonders if she was thinking of Mellark then, too. I would’ve made you stay, he thinks anyway, and he doesn’t get it, never gets it, that she was never his thing to own and box in.

He’s an expert, he thinks, at prediction, at people, but she’s barely keeping it together, and she’s spiraling, and he doesn’t get it, never gets it.


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