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[ ficathon ] the girl on fire

Tags: book: hunger games trilogy, ficathon!
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katniss/peeta, the killer in me is the killer in you
i used to be a little boy; peeta(/katniss); warning for semi-graphic human death and animal death

It's a short distance from hunter to killer. She saw the chasm and stepped over it defiantly. Survival first, conscience later in her nightmares.

But he...he's never been a hunter. He's the one who captures with honey instead of vinegar. But he must get their trust, and with people like this, trust is most easily won with blood on his hands. She's almost dead already, so he tries to think of it as mercy instead of murder. Her eyes are wide, her pupils tiny pinpricks of abject fear as he approaches her. She can't move, but she tries, shuffling in the leaves even as she chokes on the blood that reddens her teeth. He pulls a knife from his belt and kneels over her.

"Shh. It will be over soon," he promises, and though his hand trembles, he knows he only gets one shot at this. If he screws this up, it's not mercy anymore. He grits his teeth and puts his hand over her eyes, holding her down to steady himself. He can't look at her.

The knife cuts through cartilage with a sound that rockets him back into his childhood. He had almost forgotten; it was the first time his father had him try and hold the pig down before they killed it. Ordinarily, they would just lead it to the butcher's, but sometimes they had to kill one at home. He felt the warm blood of the tribute over his fingers, and he remembered crying as the pig squealed and died, remembered it was the first time his mother called him weak. He was barely seven.

She wakes from nightmares of Rue, later of Prim, sometimes of the sound of Clove's head, sometimes of Cato, sometimes of Cashmere and Gloss. Always nightmares of people she killed because...they would kill her, or of people she couldn't save. The reason he wakes up and just stares at the ceiling is because it takes him several minutes to shake off the feeling of the vibration in his hand as he slit the girl's throat, to get his hands to stop trembling, to reassure himself his hands are not wet with blood. She wasn't trying to kill him, she was just trying to survive, and he took her life. It always takes several minutes to convince himself it was to save her something more vicious at the hands of Cato or Clove, who might take her time making the girl bleed to death.

He channels it into his survival, but it doesn't surprise him when Cato gets him. He figures he deserves it.

He channels it into his charm; disarms them all with this thing that he uses to cover up the nightmares, the rapidly increasing stack of disappointments that form his life.

He channels it into anger; anger at her. She made him this way. If he wasn't so determined to save her, maybe he would've just been able to die.

Her death still haunts him. Though the other one, the redhead, is technically his kill too, he very rarely dreams of her. That one's death throes, gurgled last breath, bucking body as she kills herself, they are not trapped in his memory because he hardly knew they happened. She was just a dead body. But the other one? She never goes away.

He asks Katniss one day how she copes, and she says "it was me or them".

That's not how it was, not really, not for the girl he killed. Her face is in nearly every nightmare. She never goes away. He carries her, always, even long after he begins to heal. He clings to her because she is proof, better than any other, that even he could be vicious. She helps him because she reminds him of what he could be.

One night when he cries into his pillow and apologizes to her, Katniss turns into his body and wraps herself around him and doesn't offer any empty words, just holds him, and even though it was different for her, he knows she understands, and that...that means everything.


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Cato/Clove - AU - the victors of the 74th Hunger Games.
THIS IS COMING. Not any time soon, but it is happening, don't you worry. :D (Erm, doesn't mean I don't want everyone else to write it, too. Because I do. All the Victor!C&C fic ever plz.)


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Gale/Peeta- Gale goes to see Peeta after- Peeta is chosen as tribute at the Reaping.
johanna/finnick, no wealth, no ruin, no silver, no gold/nothing satisfies me but your soul
gen/panem, olympics au with panem anthem usage
katniss/haymitch; you can't hear me cry / see my dreams all die / from where you're standing on your own

Deleted comment

seneca/foxface - young one, look at me. it's not your beast to leash.
katniss/peeta; see what i'm trying to say is, you make things better
mrs. everdeen, being the strong one


March 26 2012, 00:48:50 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  March 26 2012, 00:49:07 UTC

This Heart On My Sleeve, Mrs. Everdeen, G

“No comment.” She says starkly to the reporter. She lives in quiet anonymity most of the year round, working as a medic and a healer. Her life is simple, and she wants for little.

Reporters come and request interviews with her each time this year-the time when the Hunger Games would have been held. They want to talk to her about her daughter, the Mockingjay.

She could say much of her daughter. She could tell of the young girl who would sing like a bird, spinning in dizzy circles around the living room with her father. She could tell of Katniss who became the leader of the family at entirely too young of an age. Of a girl who scavenged for bread and learned to hunt when she should have been playing with dolls or learning to sew. She could tell of the simultaneous pride and horror when Katniss volunteered to serve as tribute to take Prim’s place.

Should she eulogize about sending one’s child into a certain death situation twice? Tell witty remarks about her daughter serving as the figurehead for a rebellion? Share how it felt to lose one daughter to death and another daughter to the trauma forced on her by a cruel country?

She says nothing. The reporters will still write stories about Katniss. Perhaps, already, she and Peeta too, have become more than they even were, now more legends than people in others’ eyes. She will not share their secrets or change their legends.

For a long time, she was weak, allowing what she had lost to over weigh the needs of what she had. She has learned her lesson, if perhaps too late. But finally, she has learned to be strong.


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mrs. everdeen, "So many miseries have crazed my voice, / That my woe-wearied tongue is mute and dumb"
haymitch/katniss or haymitch/effie; i detest you, now i love you, can you tell which way is up
Katniss, Peeta is killed by the muttations before they reach the Cornucopia
glimmer, but inside all i do is scream
[fill contains sexual harassment of a minor and some sexist slurs]

In the streets, she’s fifty feet tall and they shriek her name.

Here in her room, it is quiet. No. It’s not quiet. Their chanting filters through the thick walls like teeth on her skin and the words crawl between the strands of her hair. She breathes them in through her nose at the window, and she looks anyway because there’s no point in turning away. There’s no point in shutting her eyes. There’s no point in not loving this.

[“That’s a lovely dress, Glimmer,” says Caesar to hoots from the crowd.

“Not as lovely as what’s underneath. Would you like to see?”]

The enormous screen in the square changes to evil little Clove with her lean, cut little shoulders and her evil little eyes. Some in the crowd roar approval, but the other voices, harsh and hungry and mostly male, bark out “Bring back Glimmer! Bring back Glimmer!”

[“Slut,” Marvel says to her on the way to the showers after that day’s training. “I’ll get what I want from you before I kill you, you know.”]

She smiles and she’s happy to be here and she loves their attention and their raucous applause and their catcalls just as much as she loves the tinkling laughter of her baby sister and the sniff of fresh blood. Just as much as she loves her shimmering bandage dress that crushes the air from her lungs and her mentor who has a list a dozen long of potential sponsors who can’t wait to be her first when she wins. Just as much as she loves the sensual perfection of her full lips, her giggling eyes, her dangerous hips and her full breasts, the things that cost her everything.

She’s happy to be here. She’s happy to be here. She’s happy for her life that’s about to end.

[“Come home,” Pasha cries into her neck at the Justice Building. “Just promise me you’ll please come home.”

She pets her sister’s bouncy, bouncy blond hair.]

The door flies open and her mentor balks at her Capitol sweatpants and barks out, “Just what are you doing wearing that? You’ve got sponsor schmoozing in ten, angelface. Get dressed. Now.”

She winks at him and slides the t-shirt sinuously over her head in full view. She is happy.


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Katniss/Haymitch, Peeta died in the arena, Katniss's first Games as a mentor
i am already about to cry


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