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[ ficathon ] the girl on fire

Tags: book: hunger games trilogy, ficathon!
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Johanna/Gale, When there's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire
katniss/peeta, had I known you better then, I would have said those three old words
Katniss/Peeta, Had I Known, T

Had I known before that you would pull me out of bed when I didn't want to stand.

Had I known you would get caught up in the game.

Had I known before that you would push and push and push until I couldn't fight anymore.

Had I known you would be my nightmares, my saving grace.

Had I known before your confession.

Had I known your indifference.

Had I known before I loved you, I would have said those three old words - "Go fuck yourself"

Had I known this all before, I still would have said those three old words - "I love you"
Johanna Mason, you should have been the Mockingjay


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katniss/gale; i think i made you up inside my head


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katniss/peeta; and you can tell that he'll be there for life.
katniss, sitting there, your little throne / the queen of right got no king of wrong
careers, I'm not here to make friends.
Gale/Katniss, Now there's a fire down below, but it's coming up here. So leave everything you know, carry only what you fear. On the road the sun is sinking low, bodies hanging in the trees. This is what will be. (Bruce Springsteen, "Magic")

Magic is such an awesome prompt song - I actually just wrote a 74th Games AU based on it :)

All over this, btw.


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Finnick/Annie - Take me home tonight, I don't want to let you go 'til you see the light


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katniss/thresh, modern day au. their little sisters are best friends and are constantly trying to set them up. it's really annoying until it's not.
basically rue and prim giggling through a window watching katniss awkwardly ask out thresh.
"Hshhh," Rue hissed, and Prim covered her mouth with both hands, trying to suppress the giggles, not daring to look at Rue. Only then she did, just a little out of the corner of her eye--and Rue dissolved into her own giggles.

"Hshhhh," Prim hissed back, biting her lip as hard as she could to stop herself laughing before they heard, and crouching a little lower so she was looking through the crack where the metal was popping out of the storm door rather than through the actual window of it.

Rue got her own giggles under control and crouched closer to share the viewport, clamping a hand over her mouth and face contorting weirdly as she worked not to laugh again.

Katniss was sort of looking at her feet, one of which was moving uncertainly in a way that was so very, very, very not Katnissy, and Thresh was looking sort of hopeful and nervous at the same time.

"So, uh," Katniss said, and then trailed off.

"Yeah?" Thresh asked, a little too eagerly, and Katniss jerked back a bit and looked over his shoulder instead of at him.

"I was wondering if I could borrow your chemistry book."

"Laaaaame," Prim whispered, shaking her head.

Thresh's face fell. "Oh, yeah," he said. "Of course. Did we have reading tonight? I didn't--"

"Oh, no--I just, you know, wanted to work ahead."

Prim jammed as much of her hand into her mouth as would fit and bit before she screamed with laughter.

"Oh. Uh, cool. I'll get it," he said.

"Oh my god, they are totally gonna mess this up," Rue breathed. "How can they both be this dumb?"

Prim just shook her head, not daring to take her hand out of her mouth.

Katniss watched Thresh go, and then mimed something that included staring at the ceiling and fisting her hands and sort of gesturing, all of which stopped before he returned, which he did pretty quickly.

"Thanks," she said, swinging her backpack off. She jammed the zipper, jerked it, and her books spread across the floor. "Oh, God, sorry--"

"No, no, it's fine," he said, helping her pick them up. Then he paused, one of them in hand. "I, uh, found your chemistry book," he said slowly.

Prim couldn't quite make it out for sure since the lighting was funky and the crack was small and Katniss was sort of facing the wrong way, but she was pretty sure she went bright red. She made a sort of sqeaking sound around her hand, and clamped the other hand over the top.

"O--oh," Katniss stuttered. "I--uh--I looked, but I didn't see it. Weird."

"Yeah," Thresh said thoughtfully. "Weird... Hey, I was thinking about working ahead a little too. You want to, you know, work together?"

"Yes!" Katniss burst out, then shrank back a little, and said, "I mean, yeah. Sure. I'm not great at it, so some help would be good."

A little smile was playing on Thresh's lips, and he didn't look anxious any more. "Great," he said. Then his eyes narrowed slightly and he took four of those humooongous strides of his across the room and jerked open the door and Prim and Rue fell in, Prim jamming herself in the mouth with her fist and whimpering. He put his hands on his hips and looked down at them.

"Primrose Everdeen," Katniss shrieked. "What do you think you're doing?"

Prim glared down at the little cut in her hand for a second, then tried to look innocent. "Nothin'. We just got here."

"Uh huh," Thresh murmured.

"You can't act innocent, Prim," Katniss stated, glaring at her. "You suck at it."

Prim stuck out her lip, then grinned. "Not as much as you suck at asking out Thresh," she pointed out. Then assumed a breathy falsetto. "Oh, Thresh. You're so manly. Can I ... borrow your chemistry book?"

"Oh, Katniss," Rue cut in, doing her best deep voice, which sounded kind of like one of the muppets, only Prim couldn't remember which one. "We don't need a book, we can make chemistry all on our own."

This time, Prim had a perfect view of Katniss turning fluorescent pink--but only for a second before she had to grap Rue's hand and they fled as the two teenagers dove for them.

They ran away, howling with laughter, ignoring the shouts behind them. "Finally," Prim called over her shoulder. "You guys are so slow."


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victor!rue/prim, heroes come a common way
seneca crane, i'm the new blue blood, i'm the great white hope.
Katniss/Haymitch, so we're bound to linger on, we drink the fatal drop, then love until we bleed, then fall apart in parts


April 4 2012, 05:46:57 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  April 4 2012, 05:51:27 UTC

i've been here before and i already know where it goes katniss/haymitch, pg, spoilers for the Mockingjay epilogue

In the end, she finds, the happy endings are slow in coming and quick in leaving.

The first few months after the games, the war, she dreams in black and grey and red, arms stretching out as Prim explodes in front of her, bloodbath in the Cornucopia and screaming, screaming, screaming until she bleeds with it.

The nights echo around her, magnifying her screams; Peeta comes and goes (real or not real he asks, and his fingers against her neck are almost tender). On the seventy-third night something inside her breaks, worn out by exhaustion and fear and the sheer act of living and she finds herself crossing the dark expanse of the Victors Village, bare feet whispering through the dewy grass.

The door is unlocked, an invitation, and she closes it softly behind her, kicks a trail through the debris and dirt, ignores a sharp sting of pain as a shard from a broken liquor bottle lodges in her left foot. She finds Haymitch in the parlor slumped against a broken armrest on his sagging couch. He lifts one eyebrow when he sees her, lips curving sardonically; they always break in the end.

She sleeps, later, curled into a small ball against his side, the aftertaste of cheap alcohol caught on her tongue, one small hand wedged tightly into his.


They’re both adept at math. It makes the drinking easier—the number of tributes multiplied by the number of years, the ways they watched someone die, the minute ways the nightmares changed each time; dividing the wins by the guilt, adding one more day gone and buried to the total.

Let’s play a game, she says, and there’s laughter that sounds like hidden sobs sharp on her tongue and it’s so familiar he aches with it.

The sum is always this: it is never enough, it will never be enough.


It takes a lot of doing to die, he says, surveying her over the lip of his liquor bottle. She grimaces, picks at a ragged nail, hair swinging forward to hide her face. The problem with you is you’ve got enough fight to do it.

Thanks for that vote of confidence she replies, too stretched out to approximate her old tone of annoyance with him. He finds himself missing it, suddenly, that drawn out note of exasperation behind every word, the promise of violence caught on every syllable, the sheer teenage normalcy of it.

I do what I can, sweetheart, he responds, and doesn’t even care that the curse comes out as an endearment.


They survive, walking through fields deep with coal dust and human ash, watch as a new world struggles into being around them, as the Victor’s Village is quickly sucked into a hamlet of life and movement and new homes that smell of fresh-cut pine and hope.

One year, then two and three, and she visits less but stays longer, waking in the middle of the night to the familiar press of his hand on her hip, the smell of worn flannel beneath her cheek. A fourth year and a daughter, five six seven and a son. They have Peeta’s hopes and her eyes; Haymitch thinks, briefly, of asking after them, but in the end he doesn’t bother and she doesn’t volunteer, and it is quiet between them.

There is an ending in this somewhere, she thinks, and that is enough.


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haymitch/seneca, 73rd d12 tributes, lay the young blue bodies with the old red violets; i'm afraid of everyone

Deleted comment


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peeta/katniss, you're the only thing i want anymore
i want to devour you whole - Peeta&Katniss (T)

She is greedy. Every inch of skin, every pore, every hair follicle wants to take him in and make him hers. She wants to leave fingerprint evidence on the landscape of his body. To scrape out all that came before and stuff in everything that is her.

It is not something that she likes thinking about often. But she cannot help the itching powder sensation of having him gone from her side. It is an irritant that she has yet to become accustom to. So, at night she wraps her limbs around him like a cobra. Bites into his neck with blunt teeth and soothes the marks with her tongue. It makes her insides feel close to the flame of a candle. Addictive need turning sauce like cells through her bloodstream.

Her hands find new reasons to touch him even when the cameras are switched off and stored in their cases. A slide up his back, a press to his hip, a moment to toy with his once calloused fingers.

It still isn't enough.

In the dark, when everyone else is asleep, she is scraping her nails down his spine. She is forcing him to fall into the abyss that is her mouth, and making him excavate the cavities of her gums. And it is simple. All it takes is the hesitant whisper of his name as it passes her lips, Peeta, and he is hers to ply like clay.

She burns her name into his skin with every kiss across his topography. His body is not a new frontier, and yet she still finds new places to worship. Her need for him is maddening. It scolds her and takes advantage of her weaknesses. She does not like it, but it has become an extension of herself. An operating system that overrides her common sense and her ability to think. All she can do is feel.

And so she maps out the dips and ridges of his terrain. Memorizes the bumpy road of his ribs as her palm moves vertically up to his cheek, and pretends that she can pull him deep inside herself where no one can touch him but her.


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foxface/thresh, to be alone with you
All over this!


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unnamed 74th tributes, and though the sun would shine about the same, it's a better world because you came / sincerely yours, my-kids-will-know-your-name
gale, the boy with a thorn in his side
Ooo, mind if I take this? :D


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peeta's brother (after peeta gets reaped), i love you. i love you, o brother of mine
Peeta's Brother, Oh Brother, PG

Though the girl is Reaped, now comes the true test. I pray that there won't be two Volunteers this year. Hope that he's quiet, oh brother of mine. Wish him to say goodbye to his childhood love.

The name is drawn. There's no need for another panicked cry. No hands lifted for him, no guttural shout from my lips.

I'm no Katniss Everdeen. I'm not like the girl my brother so loves. I'm not a Volunteer. Never to be a Tribute. He would never forgive me anyways, for taking his place, for killing her, for coming home. He would save her, I was sure of it.

And in saving her, he would die.

My brother, the baker, cake-maker. Innocent and young.

He's on the stage now, oh brother of mine. I see him hold himself together, keep his crocodile tears contained. No longer the little boy with curls so bright.

It's terse and fraught with pain, this goodbye. Cold and bitter, like mother can be.

"She's a survivor, that one." It's true but it need not be said.

"Use your words, your wit," I remind. He nods though I doubt he'll use them for his own life. Only hers.

He's a noble git, oh brother of mine. Off like a lamb to the slaughter. Had it been another, it would have been him still, falling on their sword.


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Deleted comment


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March 28 2012, 04:00:04 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  March 28 2012, 04:53:49 UTC

any tribute in the Arena/Quarter Quell - i don't want your crown - see i was dead when i woke up this morning, and i'll be dead before the day is done
Finnick finding out what winning means.
Finnick/Annie, You're in my mind all of the time, I know that's not enough. If the sky can crack there must be some way back for love and only love.
Gale/Katniss, post-MockingJay, We used to be friends/ a long time ago/ But I haven't though of you lately at all
i fell slowly (out of love with you); gale/katniss; pg

He doesn't think of her much, anymore.

After he moved, after he got out of the world where she was the ruler, he found he could breathe, could smile more freely, laugh more. It stopped hurting, thinking of her, and then the thoughts became fewer and farther between, until now - until he thinks of her only when someone mentions her, when he hears a name like hers.

He can think of her fondly, now. He can think of her in all of the ways he couldn't.

She's married Peeta, that much he knows. She's married to Peeta and they have children and he's sure it's horribly domestic but he can see it working, for them.

There's no bitterness in his thoughts of her, not now, not so many years after the fact.

When he was younger - and he feels a sort of embarrassment when he recalls this, embarrassment at the idealized notion of love that a young boy came up with - he thought he'd never get over her, never be able to think of her without want or Peeta without anger.

They're happy, though. Gale is, too, is happy with his Johanna, has been for years, now.

And he's heard they are, too.

Good, he thinks, and it doesn't hurt, not at all. Good.

Sometimes, people just grow out of love.

He'd loved her, once, with all of the energy that the girl on fire deserved; but not anymore, because even fire can be put out.

He smiles.


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peeta (/katniss), i met you once and i'd fallen for your notions.