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[ ficathon ] the girl on fire

Tags: book: hunger games trilogy, ficathon!
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haymitch/finnick, effie purchases finnick's "services" to help haymitch take the edge off during the games


March 29 2012, 19:02:06 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  March 31 2012, 05:59:29 UTC

amazing prompt is amazing. Edit: I can EDIT?

Haymitch/Finnick, Rather be the one Dying, Rating: M (I kinda have this whole side story to Haymitch/Finnick already, so this is building on it I guess)

“Finnick, you need to listen to me now,” My words are rushed as he huddles himself in the cushions of the lush couch. The suite we’re in is locked from the outside, the standard practice for a Victor purchase. The click of the lock had thrown him off, despite our training. The boy is about to be broken in for the first time and it makes my blood run cold.

He’s too young for this. Far too young.

Ever since he walked out of that Arena a Victor I’d known his fate was sealed as a Capitol whore. It didn’t take much to recognize the perfect features and the attractive appearance of the kid. Or the way in which everyone in their Games’ best would drool as he clutched to his golden trident.

It made me sick.

He’d been assigned to me as an additional mentoring duty after his tour completed. Break him in, they’d said. Show him some tricks, they’d commanded. Make him a feature, they’d required. Since my own win my soul had been sold more times than I cared to remember and they’d chosen me, a failing feature drinking my way out of attraction, to show him the ropes.
It was worse than leading kids to the slaughter.

The boy still wasn’t responding, his knuckles white as he held his knees. I bent down in front of him and squeezed his shoulder. His eyes flicked to mine for the first time. I didn’t bother to smile. There was no comfort I could provide for him now.

“Finn, remember what I told you? Put it away. Lock it down.” His head nodded slowly as he took in my words. I’d told him to distance his soul from this, to only let them have his body. “They only want the show of a Victor, to escape their lives – remember that.”

The room is spinning but it’s a perfect kind of tilt. My Tributes are still alive and it’s 10 days in. It’s a rarity, this survival rate, but I’m not going to argue. I haven’t stopped watching the monitors since the Cornucopia countdown and my nerves are wearing thin.

Even affable Effie is growing impatient with me and my curt demands. She probably just can’t handle me nearly sober. Or in the light of day. But that’s something different all together.

I’ve spent the last few hours turning over in my mind the scene of the little girl from 11’s death. It was tragic, sure, all of them were, but this had been more. Immediately after Katniss had decorated her in flowers I’d been contacted and ordered to provide a provision to be paid for by District 11.

It was disconcerting and more than a little out of the norm for district’s to be cross-gifting, especially when they still had another Tribute in the Arena.

I couldn’t help but feel there was something bigger at play here. That the districts were waging their own war outside the Capitol’s fortress walls. It made my skin crawl and I’d nearly snapped Effie’s neck earlier when she had interrupted my sponsor calls.

My thoughts were tangled up in the strategy and the mess that the Tributes were in in the cave as Peeta’s infection got worse. I was working on a plan, an idea that would get my girl to the approaching Feast, when I heard a knock on the door behind me.

Lifting to my feet, the slight pang of whiskey jostling in my gut, I opened the door to a stumbling of limbs and heat and lips. It took a moment to pull back from the surprise and see that it was Finnick Odair pulling at my clothes and tugging my shirt from my pants, his hands everywhere on me all at once.

I wanted to vomit.

Pushing him off me, stepping back, gulping in air, I looked him over. He was all strong lines, tan skin, but his eyes were dead and there were a few too many drugs lacing his system that I could see in the pulse in his neck and taste on his lips.

Such a waste of a man.


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cato/clove, you blew through me like bullet holes / left staind on my sheets / and stains on my soul
gale/katniss, broken sundown, fatherless showdown


March 29 2012, 09:50:14 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  March 29 2012, 12:42:35 UTC

finnick + gale (finnick/johanna, gale/johanna)

you'll take care of her i know it.
you will do a better job.
(maybe but not what she deserves.)

(aka finn lives and everything still hurts au)


March 29 2012, 21:52:29 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  March 29 2012, 21:53:34 UTC

Oh. Oh oh. There's another 'Finnick lives' AU prompt floating around (here) that I've wanted to take a stab at. I may try combining it with this...

(Ugh, multiple edit apologies.)


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cato/clove modern day au, heard you were a player and i want to play
Katniss/Gale || you said what you had to, now leave

i'm a sucker for a good lie
the way you say you understand
and how you always talk of catching me
but never open up your hands
gale/katniss, what you are i am too
careersto the gods we are like the flies that the boys kill on a summer's day, and some say, to the contrary, that the very sparrows do not lose a feather that has not been brushed away by the finger of god.
cato/clove cato won the 72:nd Hunger Games and it's up to gim to mentor Clove when it's her turn in the 73:rd games
do want!
cato/clove; stars, hide your fires/let not light see my black and deep desires
Katniss's Mom

Somebody please hear this song,
Squeeze time and night by a plastic bombshell bomb,
Let it be soon, this impending doom
Razor blanket betty parade scheduled for noon.

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

Deleted comment


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Effie , AU - a tribute in the games (any year)


March 30 2012, 00:34:40 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  March 30 2012, 00:38:14 UTC

I'll Be Waiting Here For You 1/4 pg13 I guess, AU, Effie is tribute, Haymitch her mentor.

As she rises up into the arena, Effie feels drenched-they’ve entered into a rainforest and the humidity is already attacking her delicate skin-she’s never been one to sit in the sun, and can already feel the beginnings of a heat rash. It’s what she tries to concentrate on instead of the tortuous countdown.

Go when they go…go when they go…go when they go…

Her mentor’s words echo in her ears-pretty much his most coherent words, but possibly the best advice to not dying before the games even begin. That, and ‘stay alive’. Effie may have played up her dumb blonde persona even more so than usual, but she wasn’t fooled-she was a small, tiny slip of a girl, had very few skills to speak of (aside from her finishing school lessons-pouring tea without a spill and giving oneself a manicure were what she excelled at-what she wanted to excel at in life, but now as a tribute, she doesn’t see much of that happening in her future), and nobody would ever expect her to come out of this arena alive.

But the countdown kept ticking, and Effie reflects a little on her life as a tribute so far-she’s been adored and loved by those watching, there’s no denying that-the roar of the crowd seeing her, despite getting a low score, tells her that. They’ll also love her just as much when she’s killed in this cesspool of a place.

So she’ll be loved-that’s good enough for her, she thinks. It’s all she ever wanted, really-she had told Bean back home that they’d go all the way after the reaping (she’s been through six of them, what are the chances?), but now he’s stuck watching her on screen with Caism, her fellow tribute, as they fight it out to get back home.

Caism...she looks to him, scared for him-he’s taller than her (who isn’t?), has more strength in his body, but has been in glasses his entire life-it makes him an easy target, despite his strength and speed, he’ll be helpless without them, and nobody would think highly enough of his skills to help him to their advantage.

Ten seconds. Eyes off the clock, Trinket. Go when they go. No need to get blown up in mud, might as well give her fans a show.



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Katniss/Peeta paint me like one of your French Girls


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March 29 2012, 15:38:09 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  March 29 2012, 15:38:23 UTC

Johanna/Finnick || she's a mess of gorgeous chaos and you can see it in her eyes
Katniss/Haymitch As I move my feet towards your body I can hear this beat it fills my head up and gets louder and louder


March 29 2012, 16:33:42 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  March 29 2012, 16:33:57 UTC

Katniss/Johanna I don't want your future I don't need your past one bright moment is all I ask
I have noooo idea if this is what you had in mind, but it's what I came up with. This is only briefly edited; I will probably post a more polished version on AO3 tomorrow.

Husking (Explicit) Johanna/Katniss (1/3)

Johanna spends a lot of time rocking lately, especially on rainy days. She hugs her knees to her chest and tilts slowly forward, then backward, over and over and over again, often with the knuckle of her thumb between her teeth. The repetitious movement gives her something to focus on, something that doesn't make her feel like she's drowning alive.

Today, she's sitting at the edge of the bathtub that's set into the bathroom floor, with one foot dipped in the water. That's really all she can manage, even though she's turned on every light in the tiny room, even though she's already managed to take off all of her clothes, even though the tub is only half full. It takes everything she has just to wiggle her toes under the water, so she just sits and rocks. At least her goddamn foot will be clean.

When Katniss enters the room, the first thing she can see is Johanna's naked backside. Johanna's spine and ribs shift slightly under her skin as she moves, slowly, back and forth. She looks so small-- too small, really, for such a large personality. "Johanna."

Johanna says nothing, she just shakes her head. Katniss walks forward and risks placing her palm lightly on the skin of Johanna's back. Johanna stops momentarily but then resumes rocking and staring at the tub. "What do you need?" Katniss asks.

"Just one shining moment of not being afraid. Can you do that, sweetheart?"

Katniss presses her lips together while she thinks. When Prim was younger, she used to be afraid of thunderstorms, especially at night. Whenever she heard thunder, Katniss would calm her down by letting Prim crawl into bed with her. Maybe she could coax Johanna into the water?

She wraps her hair into a quick bun and takes off her outer clothes, folding them neatly in a pile next to the door. Then, she steps past Johanna and into the tub. "Come on."

"Fuck you." Johanna says, but she doesn't move away.

"Come on." Katniss sits down. "My underwear is cold and I think it's clinging to my ass. You better get in here with me or I'll put them in your bed while they're still wet."

Johanna sighs. "Sorry. The water was actually really warm at one point. I guess I've been sitting here a while."

"That's okay. We can put more hot water in." Katniss turns on the tap, and Johanna moves back slightly at the sound of the water dumping into the tub. "Look, I'll open the drain so that it doesn't get any fuller, okay?"


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finnick- if it looks like i'm laughing, i'm really just asking to leave
Finnick, I'll Play, R (hopefully not way off base)

Fuck me all you want. I’ll put it in you, fill you up and make you break. I’ll hold you in your desperate arms and press your lips to mine. Put your mouth on me, your tongue. I don’t mind. You’ve bought me for this time and I’ll be what you want. It’s my duty, my reward for living.

What a fucking joy this is, to keep breathing. To keep fucking.

Shoot me up with your new drugs. Press your finger to my pulse and feel it hum with the burn. I’m yours to take, yours to abuse. Fill me with the tragic pills and remedies you yourself won’t face. Rub me till I’m raw and still crying out for more. I’m yours, all yours, for just an hour more.

Sell me, sell me, buy me, buy me. I’m the king of the world and a Capitol whore.

Tell me your secrets; let me read your lips. I’ll show you mine if you tell me yours. Breathe into me and hold me down. Scream it against my throat as your fingers scratch my skin. I don’t care if it’s good for you and you don’t care if it’s good for me. Whisper your secrets and I’ll make you feel mine.

I get it up, I get down. Ride me and hold me. Your arms are cold but so are mine.

Don’t tell me your sad words. Not while I sit here bought by your filthy money. I won’t appreciate them. I’ll smile for you; keep up the show of paying attention. That’s where I play best, don’t you see? You think I’m listening, empathizing. I’m not. I’m really just asking to leave.

Fuck me with your body. With your mind. With your words. I’ll play along. But please don’t think I’ll ever be yours.


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Haymitch & Katniss you're much too young, girl
Katniss & Cato Something in her awakens the gentleness in me

Deleted comment

Peeta/Katniss, The Sky is Falling and I'm Chicken Little, PG

Where’s Katniss, where’s Katniss, where’s Katniss.

My toes are tapping at the tree as Beetee wraps the wire tight looking to Finnick to take the lead. It’s abrupt and surprising when he grabs my arm, pulling out the knife hidden in my waistband and turning it into the flesh of my arm.

I don’t get out words when he pushes me down and tries again, the knife digging into my skin in another location.

“Don’t panic,” he keeps repeating as his face looks calm. How do I not panic?

I scramble to my feet again, pushing him off me. I feel the blood on my skin as I look to Beetee who’s holding out his own arm for Finnick to dig into.

They’ve all gone crazy and I’m a dead man.

I don’t get to process the thought as the wire snaps back at us, its tension released. There’s no time to think and I’m off down the hill, calling out for Katniss with all the breath in my lungs.

I hear Finnick crashing through the trees behind me and the chase is really on. When I hear screams up ahead I force myself to focus and not see the images floating through my frazzled mind. I almost drop when Finnick comes crashing past me, his legs carrying him swifter through the underbrush as he shouts for Katniss and Johanna.

It doesn’t make any sense. None at all.

First he attacks me, and then he’s chasing after Katniss? What of these loyalties?

I press on, determined to find her before anyone else does. My feet are heavy as they crash around, bursting through the vines and plants that tangle. I hear the roar of the insects around me and it makes my head pound.

“Katniss!” I’m not sure how much time has passed since the wire went loose. There’s blood on my arm and I can’t figure out which team I’m on. I hear a struggle in the distance and see the unfamiliar blood coating the ground near my feet.

My heart beats in frenzy as panic sets in, clutching at my breath and holding me captive.

“Katniss!” I can tell my voice is broken, if not barely carrying over the sound of the bugs chirping in the next section over. They’re screaming now, filling the air with a horrid torture. I need to find her.

I follow the trail back up towards where I’ve just come from, each step I call out louder hoping she’ll be near. The amount of blood seems to lessen as I get higher up. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but I do know that any blood typically is not a good sign.

I try not to let the anxiety overwhelm me as I push forward along the trail of red.

The insects begin to calm and I know what we’re facing next. Soon there will be lightening filling the air, striking the tree and the golden wire that is tangled in the branches around me. The plan won’t work now. It’s too late for the wire to be strung.

I call out again and I finally get an answer. She’s close. She’s alive.

My feet carry me faster up the hill but it’s not fast enough. I hear the canons boom all around me and it shakes the Arena. The insects are on their last clicks and I can hear her shouting but we’re not close enough. I won’t make it. No no no no.

“Katniss!” I call out one final time before I see the lightening strike and the world explode around me. In an instant I’m knocked to the ground hitting hard against a rock. I have a ringside view as the trees alight with flames and the dirt below bursts to life and rattles with a final breath.

I don’t know what’s happening but I know it’s not good. The sky above is rippling in and out as the fireworks that are being displayed are overtaken by a strange darkness. The screens that light the Arena are flickering out.

The Arena is collapsing on us and I can’t move.

“Katniss,” It’s more of a strangled gasp this time as I feel something suffocating me from the inside. My chest feels heavy and the rock below me has my shoulder in an odd place next to my head. I couldn’t move even if I wanted to.

It’s almost beautiful, this terrifying way to die. I hold in the panic as I watch the sky fall above me. It’s pure chaos.

When I see the claw lowering down over me, feel it clamp into my broken form, I don’t have the energy to panic or resist. The Capitol can have me. They’re going to kill us all. The sky is falling and I wish I were already dead.

Deleted comment



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Gale/Johanna - This city's made us crazy and we must get out
prim, rue
you slept in my bed, and if i kept quiet
i could hear all the voices in your head