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[ ficathon ] the girl on fire

Tags: book: hunger games trilogy, ficathon!
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Career Tributes - The real winners are the dead. The Careers know the truth about what happens to Victors who win in the Games, and in their own way they try to protect the other Districts from this truth... by winning and playing the game [both in the arena and afterward] that they have been trained for...
Cato and Clove, but I'm thinking of what sarah said that "love is watching someone die" / so who's gonna watch you die?
+ the fury in your bed, the ghost in the back of your head (1/2)
(also inspired by your other prompt)

Clove looks for him on the Recap. She wants to see all her kills, but Cato's is the one she's watching for. When she woke up, smoothed of her scars and declawed, she learns that memory is not on her side. But she knows she owed him a good death, a vibrant death.

"It's us now," Film Cato says, a slash of someone else's blood across his forehead. Film Clove lifts her chin in acknowledgement, but then her face fades out into Victor Clove's, made up in Caesar Flickerman's interview chair.


She dreams of him on the train back home. He's dead, so she can't be embarrassed about it now.

The sun is glinting off Cato's armor. The girl from Twelve is bleeding out and nearly forgotten behind them, and victory is so close, she can taste it. He turns to her, and the dried blood on his forehead is funny. She wants to ask if he smeared it on just for the cameras. Up close, there's a bruise forming on his jaw where Eleven went for her with a rock and caught Cato instead.

"Best for last," she tells him. The cannon goes off, her body tenses for battle, and her eyes open to District Two.


No one really knows what to do with her back home. The President sends her doctor from the Capitol to check on her every two weeks. At the training center they're watching the Recap on a loop like they do every year, picking apart the Games. Her former instructors seem reluctant for her to teach the trainees.

"They can always start early. At least with me, they won't die," she says.

A pike clatters to the floor in the background, and her knife instructor's smile looks strained. "No, they won't."


No matter how much force she puts behind her throw, only the tips of her knives seem to stick to her mark. Clove nearly screams in frustration as, again and again, none of the blades go further than a few inches into the wood. She wants a sharp blade, a sturdy target, a partner that spars even half as well as Cato.

She's coming home from another unsatisfying session when she sees him, standing in the doorway of the vacant house in the Victor's Village.

She tells herself, This is a hallucination. Her knife flies anyway. This time, it finds its way home like a sword to a sheath.



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katniss/peeta & their children: there are no happy endings, because nothing ends.
rue, kiss me goodbye, i'm defying gravity
Rue’s dying, and there’s glitter in Katniss’s hair. It plaits itself into her braid and sparkles down the dark ends onto Rue’s nose. Dusty fireflies above her dance in the sun’s glow. It’s so warm, the sun on her cheeks and melting into her chest and pulling her down and over and away from Katniss, away from the cold wet tears that drip into the canopy of light. She’s so warm, not cold like she always thought death would be as she melts away from her body. Her mouth is hot and thick with sunlight or glitter or blood or something, and anyway, she can’t breathe. Someone makes a little broken gurgling noise. Someone else silences it with fingertips that feel so cold on her fire-hot skin and a song that gives the glitter swirling around her something to dance to.

She can’t see. That’s wrong. That’s a lie. She can see everything. She sees colors she doesn’t have names for as her vision blots brilliant, blinding white. The tip of a braid tickles her ear. Someone’s lips press against her forehead and it’s so cold and none of it’s real. Her fingers brush the meadow grass below and then dissolve into the earth and then she doesn’t have fingers anymore, no, that’s a lie, she has endless fingers that can touch everything, the whole world, all at once.

She breathes her last breath and flies far, far away, away from this place, away into the glittering fireflies above her because they want her to dance and Rue remembers how.


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cato/clove, i stole your soul, you said i'd never be able
Finnick/Katniss or Finnick/Johanna, Now I know that I'm not / all that you got / I guess that I, I just thought / maybe we could find new ways to fall apart.
haymitch/effie : the nights are long, but in the end, all i want to see is your face

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johanna, knock on wood
cato/clove, the only hope for me is you
Seneca Crane - Despicable Me
this prompt omg. perfect.


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President Snow, Katniss - During the 74th Hunger Games, President Snow discovers that Katniss is his daughter [how? well probably during a night her mother would much rather forget... but whatever works]. President Snow is possessive of his possessions, and he considers all of his children/grandchildren to be his possessions. However, he knows very well that the Games must go on... but that isn't to say that he can not bend the games to his advantage...
woah...this could be awesome and totally creepy. Do want!


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clove/cato, you like your girls insane / choose your last words / this is the last time / because you and i, we were born to die
I filled a clove/cato "you like your girls insane" prompt from way back on page six if you're interested :)

gonna crawl inside your heart (gonna rend your ventricles apart), r, warnings for sex and violence

cruelly, tenderly.


April 15 2012, 14:30:20 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  April 15 2012, 14:30:58 UTC

rue & katniss, au: Rue is the victor of the 74th Hunger Games. During her Victory Tour she meets Katniss Everdeen, the victor of the 73rd Games. A friendship is born.


May 9 2012, 03:12:25 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  May 9 2012, 03:15:07 UTC

Title: And in the Meadow the whole world sings (part 1/2)

She gets exactly one sponsor gift in her game. It’s on the second day and it’s rope, a water bottle, and high-energy protein bars. It keeps her safe in the trees and makes it so from the time she climbs the first tree to the time she’s declared victor she never leaves the safety of height.

Even years after she wins she has no clue who sent it.

(Katniss could tell her but the gift was born of frustration the boy with the bread died in the Bloodbath and the fact that 11 reminds her so much of Prim and so she’ll never tell.)

Truth be told her games are slightly anti-climatic.

The cameras—and more importantly the game makers—forget about Girl 11 for most of the games. There so many other fascinating tributes: the beautiful girl from one; the crazy pair from two; the engineer from three; the smart girl from five; and her own beast of a partner from eleven.

(Rue could tell them that he’s anything but a beast but who would listen to her anyway.)

By the time the game makers remember her it’s the final four and Thresh is leading in the odds and all they think about is what a good show watching Thresh kill her will be. But Glimmer kills Clove and then Cato kills Glimmer shouting only HE was trusted enough to kill Clove and that she was his little girl to kill and Thresh hears that and thinks they mean Rue and so he kills Cato.

(Thresh could tell Cato he’s sorry but he’s not because Cato would kill Rue without a second glance.)

And then only two remain. And Thresh knows that the game is cruel and that if he hesitates too long something horrible will happen and so he searches the forest for the nightlock berries he recognized from earlier while the game makers think he’s searching for Rue and he whistles four notes and chooses his death.

She climbs out of her tree slightly dehydrated and can’t quite believe she’s made it out alive.

(The game makers could tell you they didn’t expect this but they shouldn’t have been surprised the poorer districts are always so sentimental.)


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And you see the things they never see
All you wanted I could be
Now you know me
And I'm not afraid

And I want to tell you who I am
Can you help me be a man?
They can't break me
As long as I know who I am
gen st trinian's au - it's headgirl elections time again.
Rue and Prim in the Games together,
If only the world wouldn't get in the way
If only people would just let you play
They say you're both being fools
You're breaking all the rules
They can't understand, the magic of your wonderland
haymitch/katniss "you're only a rebel from the waist downwards," he told her.
coin, plutarch one does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.

Deleted comment

finnick odair - a good man goes to war
careers, no one mourns the wicked
I filled the same prompt here if you're interested. Apparently great minds think alike.


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mr. & mrs. everdeen, you were a truth i would rather lose than to have never lain beside at all.


April 16 2012, 02:21:56 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  April 16 2012, 02:23:37 UTC

the capitol, would you destroy something perfect in order to make it beautiful?
Peeta/Katniss - post Mockingjay, pre epilogue

Sing a song of forgetting
A song of the way things were not
Sing of what's lost to you
The time that you never knew
Sing of not remembering when
Of memories that go unremembered and then
Sing a song of forgetting, again