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[ ficathon ] the girl on fire

Tags: book: hunger games trilogy, ficathon!
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Annie, this is the story of a girl who cried a river and drowned the whole world
I am on this like fleas on a coon hound; it just might take a little while (real life, it happens.)


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5 years ago

Katniss and Rue, and I am the one who will never die young / I am a martyr and I cannot hide / (...) so will you save me a seat if I make it that far?
Prim and/or Katniss, my little sister is a zombie in a body with no soul in a role she has learned to play in a world today where nothing else matters, but it matters
I’m not quite sure if this was what you were thinking, but I was thinking Prim during the 74th Games.

Title: No Listens to a Zombie’s Scream

She’s screaming and being held back by Gale’s arms and her sister is climbing on the stage and taking her place and she feels like her soul has cracked. The rest of the day moves forward in a fever dream and she remembers begging her to come back. Begging her to win and then she’s gone.

(in her darkest thoughts she hates Katniss because it wasn’t enough for her to save her life once she has to save it again)

Prim doesn’t know how Gale gets both of them home. Her mother hasn’t said anything since the Justice Building and she feels so numb that tears aren’t coming down. And then she’s shaking and her mother is preparing dinner. Prim wonders what they’ll do now. Her mother has her medicines, but Katniss has always been their breadwinner, their protector, and she can’t quite imagine her mother stepping into that role.

(she feels a flash of unfair and irrational anger that her mother who shut down when her father died doesn’t love Katniss enough to even seem to contemplate shutting down when her own daughter is on her way to her death.)

Morning comes and Prim wants to stay in bed. Wants to crush Buttercup to her and withdraw into herself like her mother did--at heart she’s always been her mother’s child. But there is a goat to milk and the day to face. And by the time she’s milked the goat she finds Katniss has saved her again when Gale drops the results of his morning game hunt by.

(everyone but Katniss sees the way he looks at her and she sometimes wonders how some one who can see every squirrel in the tree can miss how much Gale loves her...and now she wants to cry because Gale will never have that chance.)

School is horrible. Everyone is happy it isn’t them, that it isn’t Prim, but no one can quite say that when everyone knows what happens to District 12 tributes. But Prim braids her hair and puts on her smile and gets through the days that follow. Though the girl on fire and the unexpected love story and the slow dawning of hope as Katniss makes it through another day. Prim makes it through the horror and love on Gale’s face; the awkward avoidance of Peeta’s brothers; and the teary gaze of Madge by putting one foot in front of another.

(for an instant she wishes she was in the arena because there it was kill or be killed...a binary black and white except Katniss finds away to make it be in color.)

Finally—amazingly—Katniss comes home and everything should be right again but she’s still putting on her smile because Katniss has changed. Tension is in the air and everything is wrong. Prim fixes her smile on every morning after she hears Katniss scream her nightmares into the night every night.

(but she’s screaming on the inside and no one hears.)


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Finnick and Katniss - Ke$ha's 'Take it Off'

come on and wade way out into the water with me / we're drowning on dry land
marvel/glimmer, don't think i'm pushing you away when you're the one that i've kept closest
Okay, so it's not that long, but Captcha's being weird and won't let me post the whole thing here so, have a link:

Marvel/Glimmer, "Glow." PG; spoilers for the first book.


5 years ago

annie/finnick, finnick/johanna: she crept up on me/she crept away from me


April 17 2012, 01:37:23 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  April 17 2012, 01:38:11 UTC


When was the last time you thought of me?
Or have you completely erased me from your memories?
I often think about where I went wrong
The more I do, the less I know

But I know I have a fickle heart and a bitterness
And a wandering eye, and a heaviness in my head
But don't you remember, don't you remember?
The reason you loved me before,
Baby please remember me once more

katniss/johanna, we get together, oh we get together but separate's always better when there's feelings involved.
Foxface/(any career))
'cause you're just damage control
for a walking corpse
like me, like you
johanna, i dreamed i was dying as i so often do / and as i awoke i was sure it was true
Annie (Finnick/Annie)

if you could only see
the beast you've made of me
I held it in the night
seems you've set it running free
screaming in the dark
I howl when we're apart
drag my teeth across your chest
to taste your beating heart
cato/peeta (or marvel/peeta), how he really got the nickname 'lover boy'.
Death. And seconded.
katniss, the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church rebellion.
Cato/Clove - I don't understand the meaning of love, but I don't mind if I die trying
thank you :) This is lovely. Might work on this. (first try at Clato though...)


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glimmer the primadonna life the rise and fall (x)

Deleted comment

Hmmmm. Thinky brain is thinking.


April 17 2012, 21:22:20 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  April 17 2012, 21:29:05 UTC

she could sit in front of that fence for hours, wondering what life beyond it would be like


May 6 2012, 08:28:36 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  May 6 2012, 08:30:10 UTC

Prisoner of the Quiet House, PG-ish, Madge/Gale

She's not a rebel, really. She is so used to all those little pleasures: fresh butter on fresh bread, playing the piano, wearing those beautiful dresses and sometimes even watching the tv with her parents. Usually her life is pretty good. She knows how unfair it is and sometimes it is rather hard not to look at all those ugly things around her. Peacekeepers, empty houses for victors who never returned, starving kids, severed miners. And sometimes she forces herself to look straight, to see, and it hurts, oh how it hurts.

Sometimes she leaves her house - the safe, quiet house - and walks until she stands in front of the fence. Sometimes she sits in front of that fence for hours, wondering what life beyond it would be like. And then she goes back, because she knows she couldn't make it no matter how hard she'd try. She's no survivor - she's just a little rich girl. She can play old classical music and dance and bake beautiful creamy cakes and all that, but it won't help her in the woods.

So she goes back to her bed and dreams about escaping, dreams about leaving all this behind.


Sometimes Gale sees her. He stands behind the trees and watches silently and thinks. It would be so easy to shoot an arrow, it would be so easy to knock her dead. She's so fragile, so naive, and yet she sits there and looks past the fence with those dreamy eyes. She couldn't make it and Gale knows it.

Sometimes he thinks about it. What would it be like to teach Madge to shoot? Would she learn to move quietly in the forest, would she learn to hide in the shadows? Would she be brave enough to pass the fence? For the last question Gale thinks the answer might be yes. As for the others - maybe not.

Sometimes he almost steps away from the shadows and asks Madge to follow. But only almost. Madge is a prisoner of that quiet house, that quiet life, and Gale could free her, but then she'd only be Gale's prisoner instead.


5 years ago

District 12 (any), even beggars have things they do not need.
Careers + other tributes, shoot as many bluejays as you want, if you can catch 'em, but remember, it's a sin to kill a mockingbird.
Love it. ♥ To Kill A Mockinbird is a fabulous book indeed.


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Foxface, Watch the buggers dance / Watch 'em 'til they drop / Keep your wits about and you stand on top.


April 18 2012, 15:11:02 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  April 21 2012, 18:58:38 UTC

out of sight, out of mind; Foxface, g.

Sitting inside the Cornucopia, taking small bites from her last slice of bread, she cannot help but be almost amused by how easily everything has gone so far.

There’s only six of them left, herself included, and she is pleasantly surprised she hasn’t had to make a single kill yet. She knows she has to, if she wants to win, but she is going to stick to her strategy as long as possible. Take a step back and observe. Be forgettable. Stay out of the way and let the other tributes take care of each other. And so far it has worked, too; all the other tributes have been so eager to kill each other while she has been hiding in plain sight, often only a few feet away from them. She doubts her competition even remembers her existance.

She smiles at the small piece of bread on her hand; her first and so far only sponsor gift. It’s not much, but she feels grateful someone knows she was the cause of the destruction of the Careers’ supplies; that she had known the girl from District 12 was there, watching, when she had made her last ”visit” to the supplies. That she had made such a show of it just so the girl with the bow and arrows would realize there was something suspicious going on and take care of destroying the supplies.

She had counted on it to happen; if she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have placed the bag of apples in such a visible place the previous time she had helped herself to some of the Careers’ supplies.

She allows herself to let out a small laugh before settling down for a nap; the Feast won’t start until a few more hours, and she knows none of the remaining tributes will even consider coming near the Cornucopia. They simply don’t have the wits for it.


When the Feast begins, she runs up to the table, snatches her bag and flees into the woods. Nobody follows her, just like she expected. She smirks; as long as her bag contains food, she’s still in the game.


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April 18 2012, 14:44:30 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  April 18 2012, 14:45:00 UTC

johanna (preferably gale/johanna, but whatever pairing would do :D)
so what am i supposed to do oh oh
when she's so damn cold like 20 below
that girl, that girl, she's such a b-tch,
i tell myself i can handle it
Gale/Johanna. Just because you're breathing, doesn't mean you're alive.
Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us

Gale/Johanna R 1/1

You find someone else that time forgot. That is left behind.

You don’t find Katniss in her, you rip her open and convince yourself that she and Katniss both have beating hearts and crooked spines and you are kissing Katniss’s neck.

Johanna writhes above you, laughing. Her shirt is already off and the muscles in her back are exaggerated, stretching in your palms.

All you can see is Peeta and Katniss kissing like twelve year olds, their hands together. Swift, quiet kisses. It makes you go red, go bad, go crazy.

It makes you call Katniss’s name when Johanna brings you to orgasm.

It makes you both bloody and sweaty and harsh as you rollout of the others reach to scrub at your skin and descend to the creek.

Johanna is all bone, her hips nothing but. Her breasts small and firm.

She’s standing in the water, its rushing past her thighs and when you get close enough she shoves you in.
You come up spluttering, her hips swinging wide as she walks up the bank.

You laugh loud and hard and enjoy the view as she leans over to pick up a shirt that has dropped from her makeshift line.
Her smile is crimped at the edges and cold.

This is your getaway, a shit little cabin crumbling down, a bed to fuck in, a table to fuck on, a bathtub that’s rusting(you both value hygiene and rarely fuck in it) and a river right by you, just in case you get too tired to stand anymore.

She lies in bed with you and tells you ways to commit suicide. Stones on your chest, the river running above you.

One day in mid-summer, you dig up a baby doll and immediately think of your family.

It should be Katniss, laughing at you from the tub, the window flung open as you peek through it and tell her obscene stories from your childhood.

She puts her head on her knees, the water splashing. She laughs hard, it should be Katniss that ran away with you.

Not this living, breathing, dead girl that tells you to go fuck yourself when you strip down and sit with her in the tub.
You wash and wash each other, but your spiraling scars and your stories stay the same.
You will never wash the District and the Capitol from your bodies.
Hijacked!Peeta/Gale. His memmories of Gale are distorted, too. When Peeta sees Gale for the first time after the rescue, he can't stop thinking about kissing him.
Chiascuro; Peeta/Gale, PG-13 (sexual harassment, sort of)

The days don't start and end anymore. They go light and dark as the situation demands; every event, every memory comes with a perfect background. He's been the actor for years, so it's nice he's finally getting some backstage help.

They tell him not to look at her. That it's a risk, it's dangerous; she's darkness incarnate and she makes his eyes hurt. Of course, they're not scared for him. They're scared for her, their Mockingjay, and there's some reason for that but he's forgotten what it is.

And then there's the boy. As far as Peeta knows they've barely even spoke, but given what Peeta knows he might not want to put to much stock in that idea. The boy is like her. The boy is like her in many ways, but he doesn't scare him; Gale's not going to kill him.

Whatever evidence to the contrary.

Things with him tend to have light backgrounds. They're hazy, their vague; they don't seem important when looked at just for their content but Peeta feels safe, safe to smile and laugh and drink, to reach out and kiss him--

This could be a problem.

She's still there. They tell him why she's here, that he loves her, that he has to forgive her but none of it makes any sense. He remembers scenes with dark backgrounds, of them fighting to death in the arena, of her attacking him before she even had to, of a plague of bees, buzzing and stinging and why did she do that, he hadn't done anything to her, was there someone else there?

Far better to see the light things. His eyes must ache a little but he doesn't have to strain to make things out, and if anyone sneaks up at least he can see them. He's never been a fighter but a headstart always helps.

Gale's like her. There's something between the two, Katniss and Gale, and Peeta can't remember it but it makes his stomach churn. Maybe that's why Katniss wants to kill him, though it seems extremely petty and he's forgotten something again, he knows he's forgotten something.

He's in the arena again. In the arena, wounded and hidden and Gale finds him. Everything is bright and sore and Gale is angry, and Peeta doesn't quite know why -- there are logical conjectures to be made, but none of them seem right. He's getting frustrated.

Peeta wants to kiss him, so he does, an act of foolish bravery or really not, because he's probably just doing it to hide from Katniss. Maybe. He doesn't know why this will help, because surely it would just make her angrier, but it's a way of hurting her and isn't that the whole point of the games? He's a manipulative bastard and he knows it, this is the only way he can win, and he must win because he has people to go home to, he has Gale waiting for him there and hold on--

But the hand in his hair doesn't pull him closer, it tears him away and throws him against the wall. Gale's eyes are hers, grey, and oh fuck she caught them. The room is full of antiseptic smells and a hospital makes for a strange Arena.

It happens a few times, always with a light background and the smack of his empty skull against the heavy walls. Gale is angry too. They travel from Arena to Arena, and then to District 12; the Seam and the town (busy and bustling with life, right?); then to Capitol City and that night on the roof, that one night on the roof, and Peeta knows he will never change. He will never change.

He forgets the way it ends. The light is blinding and he reaches out, he always reaches out because there must be some reason to it. But Gale pushes him away and that's that really. The dark doesn't come back then, not really; the dark comes back when she does and that's all. Lover boy, he thinks someone called him (though he has no idea who), so he will reach out and kiss like such a teenage boy and eventually, there will be reason to it.

Or perhaps it does not happen. Gale doesn't say anything, and there are never any consequences, or at least none he can remember. It's too light and he can't see. But then again, anything is better than the dark.


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Katniss/Peeta/Gale The problem with Katniss and Gale is that they're far too alike. The problem with Peeta is that he has a type.