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[ ficathon ] the girl on fire

Tags: book: hunger games trilogy, ficathon!
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gale/katniss; i won't let you close enough to hurt me / no i won't reach you just to desert me
haymitch/katniss or katniss/peeta; i can't give you what you want
District 2: all glory, all honor, victory is upon us; our savior, fight evil, send armies to defend us.
victor!cato, "cato may win this thing yet."
cato/clove; it's in the water baby, it's between you and me // bite the hand that feeds, tap the vein that bleeds, down on my bended knees, I'd break the back of love for you ~or the whole song~


April 24 2012, 23:54:18 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  April 24 2012, 23:55:13 UTC

!hijacked peeta/katniss; you're begging me to go, then making me stay, why do you hurt me so bad, it would help me to know, do I stand in your way, or am I the best thing you've had // believe me, I can't tell you why, but I'm trapped by your love and I'm chained to your side // we are young, heartache to heartache, we stand, no promises, no demands, love is a battlefield

Deleted comment

Hold my heart, its beating for you anyways

katniss/peeta pg 13 1/1

The lights sting her eyes.

“You are the world to me.” He says, and his eyes go soft(real or unreal), his throat bobs(unreal or real).

He does not reach for her, on the screen.

He stands his ground, their shoulders almost touching.

The lights are out, he is crawling back into bed, his fingertips burnt from pinching the candle out.
He puts his hands on her hips, splaying his fingers wide.
“Real or unreal?” she asks.

“I don’t know.” He tells her numbly and kisses her where her ear connects to jaw.

“I brought you flowers.” She offers them jerkily, her eyes anywhere but him.

They are marigolds and lupin and columbine and a glory in her brown hands.
The camera zooms in as she reaches up and twines her arms around his neck, pressing her face into his neck.(her lips are cold)

“Real or unreal?”

“It doesn’t matter.” She replies, rolling over.

He grabs her shoulders, and she gives that barking snarl she does before she attacks and he’s fisting her hair, the strands cutting off circulation in his fingers.
Love and hate and tenderness are all wrapped up around his heart and squeezing him, he doesn’t know if he’d feel more satisfied licking the vein in her neck or suffocating her with the pillow.

That’s the trouble with district kids, they don’t really understand how to love what they kill, but killing what you love. That’s not a choice.

She twists and she’s straddling him, her thighs on his stomach and they are both breathing harder than they should be.
What does it even matter, Peeta?” she cries.

He makes to shove her off, but she holds fast, and he finally weakens.

“Don’t you want to know the truth? Doesn’t it infuriate you being lied to?” Peeta’s eyes harden.
“Don’t you hate fakes?” he spits.

“Look,” she finally sighs, letting him roll away to the other side of the bed, metaphorically licking his wounds.
“I don’t think either of us really know. Let it be.” She shrugs up against his back, curling her hands to clasp his own, tight against his chest.

“All I know is that we are here, right now.” He turns and they curl around each other, their legs and arms twisting, finding anchors in each other.

Her breath deepens and her head tilts slightly.
He knows.
Why doesn’t she?


April 25 2012, 03:26:24 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  April 26 2012, 03:25:07 UTC

clove/ cato, the winner takes it all, the loser has to fall / it's simple and it's plain, why should I complain? (could be the full song, too)
careers, it was a bit like having friends
It was a bit like having friends, PG-13, Clove-centric

In the end Clove thinks about them.

Glimmer, who was so girly and chuckling and chirping all the time. Glimmer, who wanted to do her hair in the training center. Glimmer, who flirted with the other boys even when they all were in the Arena. Glimmer, who died so ugly and oh so fast.

Marvel, the dream boy, so good-looking and shining and perfect. Marvel, the brutal prince, the one Capitol could have loved had he won. Marvel, who died so easily and without honor.

Peeta, the loverboy, the betrayer. The boy who was so funny, so cunning, so... harmless. He'd been a perfect career if he'd had the training. Manipulative, lying bastard. What a fabulous, fabulous boy.

And of course Cato, Cato with his messy hair and intensive eyes, Cato with his strong hands. She could have won with Cato. Maybe she could have had him, even. But now it is only a maybe, really, and Clove has never been keen of those.

It was a bit like having friends.

They sat around the campfire, Glimmer laughing and Marvel roasting something and Peeta telling stories - he was the only one of them who really was good at it - and the stars were bright and they were still alive.

It was a bit like having friends, except not really.

You're not supposed to kill your friends in the end.


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haymitch/katniss no, i'm not the type that you like. why don't we just pretend?
So, I have to admit I’d never heard the song Lies before and I’m a little bit in love with it! (Though listening to it took a prompt I was going to start sad and end happy into a story that starts sad and continues into inevitable.) Three POVs, one continuing story...hope it’s what you were hoping for! (Also, thank you for introducing me to this song...I’m in love!)

Title: It's not love but it's not all lies either (part 1/2)


Peeta was in love with idea of her. In love with the girl he saved and he saw the girl with the angel voice who needed him, the boy with the bread. The ember of his love started a fire that in the oxygen rich atmosphere of the Games and the rebellion burned down a country. But lacking fuel all fires burn out.

(and he can see the exhaustion in every line of her being when she comes home from the trial.)

Peeta was in love with the idea of her and didn’t know what to do with the reality of her. He said she didn’t know the effect she had on people. But what he didn’t realize was that love doesn’t heal all wounds and the very thing that made her pull herself together and provide for her family is the very thing that he would never know how to deal with. She can stand on her own two feet even when she’s broken.

(and he likes to imagine that his love can fill in the cracks in her soul but he’s learning differently.)

Peeta was in love with the idea of her and yet his memories of her still shimmer disjointedly and who can really love someone when you have to ask—have to trust—if it’s real or not. His love seemed like such a brilliant thing during the fire but he’s beginning to wonder if she even knows what love really is and so when Annie, who knows how to love and will always need him has the baby he tells a lie to the cameras about duty and honor and is so happy as he leaves behind coal encrusted twelve.

(and he didn’t know it would be so hard.)


Haymitch can’t quite blame the boy for leaving. Merchant kids never quite belong to twelve in the way Seam kids do. The only thing tying him here was his love for the girl. But love like that is wildfire and the girl on fire burned so hot that there was nothing left but ash and dust and when it was the fire he wanted. If he was more like Peeta it would break his heart that she’s been so focused on survival for so long that she really doesn’t know how to love.

(and he thinks isn’t that the way it always is.)

Haymitch understands. It’s why he never told her anything about the plan in the Quarter Quell. She survives but her survival and story have never been intended for the broad nation wide audience. Her survival is more intimate. For her the world is divided into her people and everyone else. It’s what made her the spark but what they forget is that it was for her sister she volunteered. Still, her house rings with echoes of Prim and Peeta’s house echoes with him and so one drunken day she stays over and never leaves.

(and he thinks as he watches her provide for him that this gives her purpose.)

Haymitch knows he shouldn’t touch her so. But some nights when both of them have had a bit too much that the world is a more peaceful place he looks over and sees Seam eyes, Seam hair, and Seam skin and instead of seeing her sees another Seam girl he loved once a long time ago.

(and he thinks she knows that but still plays pretend.)

Haymitch knows he’s coward but the years pass by and she’s still in his house and in his life. These days they don’t always need alcohol for him to reach out and touch her. These days they have their routine and it might have too much alcohol and too many questions never asked. But for better or worse when everyone else she loved left her he stayed. He never has loved her but it’s what they have.

(and he thinks that if they weren’t so covered in scar tissue maybe he could.)


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any (Katniss/Peeta? Peeta/Johanna? whatever); I've got one friend / laying across from me / I did not choose him / he did not choose me
Titanic crossover, Katniss and Peeta aboard the RMS Titanic

Someone please!
thom/delly cartwright,
i threw a wish in the well, don't ask me I'll never tell
someone i loved once gave me
a box full of darkness.
it took me years to understand
that this, too, was a gift.
Tributes [any] [AU] To show that there are worse evils to worry about than the Capitol, each year the Districts will reap two tributes to serve a year long term within the Capitol as.... jurors [yes, that is right the dreaded jury duty].

Bonus: At the end 23 tributes are returned home, and one is given the distinct honor of serving the Capitol as a Public Defender....
caesar flickerman, "I was killed in the Capitol, Brutus killed me." (Hamlet, Act 3 Scene II) -- or anything with a Julius Caesar / Marcus Brutus parallel! :)
That's kinda awesome.
peeta/gale. katniss dies. peeta apologizes for living.
I need this in my life.


4 years ago

tributes (any); crossover with Fight Club.
oooh omfg this is perf
peeta/katniss, or any, i'll give you the moon, mary.
really, feel free to do whatever. just found this thread, i'm happy to be a part of the party.
katniss & rue or au tribute!prim & rue; who can say if i've been changed for the better but, because i knew you, i have been changed for good.
peeta/katniss, i used to be love struck, now i'm just fucked up pull up my sleeves and see the pattern of my cuts
Finnick/Annie; "Someday, the waves will defeat the rocks."
the careers or cato/clove In the end we're still human
A Death at the Bloodbath; PG-13 (talk of violence + death, implied child abuse)

Keit died in the bloodbath.

"What are our supplies?" Cato barks. Glimmer graces him with a benevolent smile, as she gently runs her finger over the tip of an arrow.

"Since you asked so nicely, I might as well tell you. I think we've done quite well, overall–"

"Get to the point, Glimmer," says Clove, glaring. Glimmer seems taken aback.

"Rude. Anyway, general supply situation: at least 15 cans of food, three bags of fruit, a box of beef jerky, canteens – all full, but I think we're gonna have to find a water source somewhere – some bandages, and the weapons. I do a good enough job, sweetie?"

Marvel very obviously rolls his eyes at Glimmer's pout, and Glove makes gestures of reaching to her knife. Cato quirks his mouth to the side, but nothing that could really be called a smile. "The weapons were more what I was interested in... sweetie."

"Fine then. Jeez." Glimmer casts a quick glance at the pile. "They don't give out so many of those. Two swords, a few knives, bow and arrow, some rope? Kinda debated putting that in the pile, but whatever – a club, and some metal thing I think is like a club but... metal."

"It's a wrench," says Clove, obviously infuriated.

"...Good to know."

Somewhere beyond all this stupid drama, Marvel notices her, sitting on her own. He comes over and asks in a hushed voice: "Are you injured?"

She blinks. "No."

"Good. If you were so early, some of them might think it appropriate to take advantage of the chance to wipe out another opponent."

But surely that would weaken the alliance," she thinks, but then again if she were injured she'd only be slowing them down anyway.

"So come do something. Before Cato gets mad."

Marvel tries to grab her by the wrist, drag her to where Glimmer and Glove are arguing about the bow and arrow (knives are totally your thing! vs. any fool can use a knife, and you've never touched a bow and arrow before). She doesn't budge.

"Yona, don't be difficult–"

"What's going on over there?!" Cato barks, making her jump. He storms over, sizing Marvel up. "No infighting, okay? It's too early in the game."

Marvel seems offended. "I was just trying to figure why she wasn't saying anything."

"Maybe she didn't have anything to say." What are they even fighting about? she thinks, but thankfully Glimmer comes to her rescue.

"Okay boys, enough with the pissing contest; there aren't any walls nearby." Cato seems perplexed by the statement, as does Clove; District 2's are creepy like that, they're raised as killers but show pretty much zero familiarity with other... coarse parts of human nature.

"Cato," says Clove, sounding as irritated as ever. "We should scour the area. Figure out which way most of them would have gone before deploying our full strength."

He nods as though this makes sense. Glimmer immediately steps to follow them, but Clove stops her. "Don't. If too many of us go they'll overhear; they'll get spooked."

Wordlessly, the two each take a knife and go. Yona sighs. Marvel cocks his head at her.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

"Keit's dead," she says flatly.

Glimmer and Marvel share a worried look. "Uh... sorry?" Marvel offers.

Glimmer whacks him over the back of the head. Yona snorts. "Don't be. You didn't kill him.”

“...Might have to take your word on that one.”

Of course, Marvel doesn't know who he killed. She sure as hell doesn't. Luckily, she made sure to be watching when Keit died.

“Well, he did kind of sign up for it. We all did,” Glimmer points out. It's Marvel's turn to hit her on the back of the head. “Ow!”

Keit signed up for it. Keit, who always said how he'd prove himself, you'll see. Keit, who volunteered at just fifteen (a radically young age for District 4). Keit, who refused say goodbye to his family while leaving because he'd “only be coming back again.”

(Keit, who always showed up at Physical Combat sessions with bruises from “extra training.”)

“Yeah, you're right. I don't know why I'm like this, really!” She underscores it with a girlish giggle, which sounds even worse then when Glimmer does it. Oh wow. “Uh... I promise never to do that again?”

“Deal. The alliance isn't that strong,” says Marvel.


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Sometimes, the last thing you want comes in first.
Sometimes, the first thing you want never comes.
clove/cato, just after they announce the rule change

i'm prepared to fight and defend you / i'll never doubt you
up there it's their time / down here it's our time / never say die.